Tyres and vehicles go hand in hand being one of the most important components and perhaps, the only point of contact with the road. Road safety is extremely important and unfortunately ignored frequently, leading to fatal accidents and serious damage to the vehicle. With tyre in Dubai or anywhere else as we speak, have a look at some caring tips that can actually save your life.

  1. Pressure

Make sure the tyres are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The instructions over the air pressure values are stickered to the side door whereas you can review the owner’s manual as well.

Under-inflated tyres won’t just consumer more fuel but may overheat and eventually damage, thus compromising safety. On the contrary, overinflated wheels reduce point of contact thereby affective vehicle handling and grip level. In worst case scenario, you may lose control of the car and experience serious accident.

Always check the pressure when tyres are cold and do invest in an industrial-grade tyre gauge; it’ll cost you a little bit but a long-term investment.

  1. Tread

Check the tread depth daily to ensure sufficient grip and this is extremely important for a tyre in Dubai due to longer routes and climate. The latest breed of tyres come with tread wear indicators alerts a driver when the count reaches its bare minimum allowing you to replace the tyre in advance. So always monitor the tread level and calibrate your driving accordingly; if it’s lower, replace immediately without playing idle.

  1. Alignment

It happens to almost everyone! You must’ve hit something with one of the tyre that disrupts the alignment. Leaving it intact and you may experience significant handling issues that are dangerous to drive with. Besides, misaligned wheel also results in uneven tyre wear causing premature wear and diminished tread. All the wheels must be properly balanced so that they may wear evenly. It’ll save you some serious dough while ensuring the car’s suspensions won’t deteriorate untimely.

  1. Rotation

Also ensure the tyres are rotated regularly with each service but you may do so after a day or two. This’ll cause even wear while maintaining good tread depth. Front tyres usually wear quickly as pressure on front of the vehicle is twice as that on the back. Regular rotation increases longevity of the tyre as well as maintain condition thereby resulting in greater road safety. Don’t ever drive with bald tyres or you’ll eventually lose control over the car.

  1. Cleaning

While washing the car, clean the tyres as well with simple soapy solution. Most of us usually neglect the wheels but over time; debris and chemicals collect in between the tyre treads that may damage the rubber compound.

  1. Repairs

If a Falken tire in Dubai needs repair due to slow leaks or possibility of puncture, let a professional assess the damage and plan a therapy accordingly. Repairs, be it big or small must be done by a licensed professional to ensure perfection as it’s possible you overlooked something!


Difference in tyre condition is a game of life and death so make sure yours are always in good shape following the above tips.