All you need to know about Hungarian citizenship & its benefits

Hungarian citizenship

On May 1, 2004; Hungary joined the European Union that bestowed its citizens the right to study, work, travel and live in any of the 28 member countries without strict laws or additional paperwork, permit. People who’re descendants of Hungarian migrants are considered as rightful heir to the citizenship irrespective of their birth place or immediate settlement.

There’re approximately five million people belonging to the Hungarian ancestry that live outside the native country, paving way to get their legal citizenship status. Majority can be found in the United States, Israel, Canada, the UK, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Germany. Other countries where Hungarian citizens are present in minority are Australia, Czech Republic, Mexico and Ukraine.

The benefits of citizenship

Beneficiary of the Hungarian citizenship have legal access to numerous rights within 28 states of the European Union. Some of the most prominent benefits are outlined here!

  • Individual(s) bearing legal citizenship status have the right to stay and residency in any of the 28 countries without any specific visa requisites
  • Residency bearers can work in any of the member states without the need of work permit
  • Right to acquire education in schools and universities within the boundaries of Hungary and its member states with preferential tuition in rare cases
  • Eligible to engage in entrepreneurial operations and to initiate a company in any of the 28 states

Eligibility criterion

Hungary is known to have the most convenient and accessible citizenship laws provided that candidate(s) needs to prove their ancestry before claiming for or filing the application. The rule also applies to Hungarian descendants who were born in different territories such as Romania. A new law was passed in addition to the governing Citizenship Laws of Hungary that allow regaining citizenship via two different routes. Applicants may have basic knowledge of national language, at-least to communicate clearly during short interview sessions. This isn’t however compulsory but indeed beneficial, as so with any other second language.

Earn your Hungarian nationality through a solicitor’s help

The rules and regulations to obtain Hungary citizenship by investment can be sophisticated because of the many details that are usually neglected. This even happen at Hungarian consular offices that result in denial; especially in cases when one fails to authorise the citizenship! A veteran lawyer having years of hands-on experience dealing with citizenship cases will prove as a key to earn you legal residency.

Crucial requisites

An applicant needs to have a clean background and absolutely no criminal record or else expect immediate denial of the request form. Meanwhile, investment of approximately 300,000 Euros in the Hungarian government bonds! Candidate’s spouse and children (age less than 18) are also included in the program and totally cost-free. A foreign national is eligible to apply for a Hungarian passport if they can prove descendants having been born in Hungary. A good grasp over language, at-least to the level of clear understanding is a must!

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