Searching a suitable housing unit can be a daunting task even if you already have purchased a unit. You can either hire a professional to help you in finding a suitable residential property or you can start searching on your own. However, local real estate listings are offering a handful collection of lodging units available for sale, checking out every single “for sale” listing or ad in a newspaper is difficult and time-consuming. The situation becomes terrible if you meet a bad tempered homeowner or come across an awful housing unit. Such unpleasant surprises can be avoided after attending an open house in the local community.

Here I am sharing a few common etiquettes to attend the event of an open house to ensure a pleasant house hunting experience.

Make an action plan
Start searching properties and list few of them; decide a suitable day and time to visit. If you have chosen a Sunday, you will prefer touring properties located in other areas as well. Plan your schedule wisely to cover maximum units in a short period of time. Though give yourself enough time to travel and explore the units.

Wear comfortable attire
As this is not the casual or formal get-together, so don’t consider wearing a sandal or a tank top with casual trousers and shorts. Also, don’t show off with designer coats and pants. Dressing and shoes should be reasonable and comfortable.

Behave nicely and speak politely
Even if you are afraid of dealing with brokers and homeowners, don’t behave rudely. Greet them with a smile and maintain a pleasant mood throughout the viewing. If you find an agent is trying to impose the things forcefully, tell him politely that you are not interested hiring an additional personal. Don’t forget to say thanks when leaving the place.

Explore the entire home
You might be conscious, as touring someone else home looks bit uncomfortable. What you need to do is to be polite and decent while walking in the home to estimate its suitability and worth. Try to carry a notepad, pen, measuring tape and camera to record structural specifications. This information will help you to take the right decision. Consider checking functional areas like laundry rooms, pantries, storerooms and overhead attics to check the storage capacity.

Focus on property features and don’t feel fascinated with perfect décor
Your primary aim is to observe the structural details of the unit and compare the information present on the seller sheet. Usually, sheet carries brief description that includes total square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms. No matter how beautifully they have decorated their place, you should observe wisely and imagine and unfurnished place to make a better decision. Don’t let yourself distracted by an oversized decorative piece on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Observe carefully and stay attentive
However, you are carefully observing and inspecting the exterior and interiors of a residential unit. It is possible to miss a corroded fixture, black mould and cracked drywall in the house; you are inspecting with and intention to purchase in the future. To avoid missing a single thing, pay attention to what other visitors are saying about the place. Most probably, they notified the things you failed to observe.

Take permission before clicking photos and videos
Though homeowners have advertised to attract potential buyers; consider it as the private residence of that person. Always ask for permission before snapping photographs.

Avoid negative criticism unless you leave
If you can’t tell positive about the place, simply avoid speaking bad words. Wait unless you leave the space. Open house is a public event that invites buyers, sellers and agents in the community. Negative comments destroy not only the seller image but also reduce your chances to buy your dream home.

Don’t look excited
Perhaps a property is just according to you needs, don’t be over emotional. Never share your feelings and personal experiences of the home search. Try to limit yourself to the small chit-chat with agent and individuals attending the event.

Look for storage capacity
In addition to checking square footage, also check dedicated storage space in the home. Browse through cabinets, drawers and closets in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. But avoid touching private belongings and protect them from breaks and squeaks.

In the end, a word of thanks to Banke Downtown Apartment rental and sales Department for providing such useful insights.

These are a few simple etiquettes prospective buyers must consider while attending an open house to find a suitable housing unit to execute accommodation needs.