Five most attractive destinations in Spain


From splendid beaches to delicious cuisines, lively fiestas and pulsating nightlife; all make Spain the best of Europe’s getaway. As the country covers a bunch of sovereign islands and regions, it boasts the most diverse cultures and landscapes. A brief overview of most attractive places to visit in Spain can be found below so do have a look!

  1. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Galicia region in north-western Spain and prominent being the final destination it the traditional journey known as Camino de Santiago. The city calls to thousands of travellers each year for its rich history and religious norms. The hub where most travellers gather is the main square, Praza do Obradoiro which is situated in the heart of the city. This bustling plaza is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks namely the Santiago Cathedral where tomb of St. James is also located!

  1. Toledo

Toledo served as the Spanish capital till the 16th century and is majestically perched atop a mountain in central Spain. It’s sometimes called as the “City of Three Cultures” for it was ruled by the Muslims, Jews and Christians for many centuries. Toledo is much admired for its abundance of historic art and architecture, dating back to the Roman Empire. When here, you would definitely want to wander the medieval streets and dig in the ancient architecture that includes a stunning synagogue, cathedral and Muslim’s praying area!

  1. Cordoba

Cordoba; the capital of Cordoba state in Andalusia to the south of Spain is most appealing. The historic sector is a network of tiny medieval streets, whitewashed courtyards and plazas; all situated around the primary attraction; the Mezquita. It was initially built as a praying area for Muslims but today features a glorious cathedral that retains most of its original architecture. The glory and importance of Cordoba can be experienced best from its forest of red and white striped arches on the columns from the medieval age. The Fortress of Christian Monarchs, the Old Jewish Quarter and Street of Flowers are some other interesting places.

  1. Madrid

The capital and largest city, Madrid is popular for its electrifying nightlife scene. The city comprises a diversity of ethnic groups that makes it Europe’s most colourful and attractive cosmopolitan destinations. The Royal Palace; residence of Spain’s monarch is a tourist hotspot, Puerta del Sol is known as the heart of Madrid and of Spain itself which serves as a large plaza for important events, festivals, street performances and a public transport hub as well.

  1. Barcelona

Yet another prominent travel destination known for its historic architecture and cheerful lifestyle is Barcelona. It’s located in the north-eastern Spain and unique for its architecture marvels like the Antoni Gaudi including the Casa Batllo and Sargada Familia church. Both of these extraordinary constructions boast a fascinating combination of shapes, colours and designs.


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