Four common types of background assessment for a passport

If it’s the first time you’re applying for a passport (كيفية الحصول على جواز سفر), get ready for a thorough background check conducted by officials. The set of assessment is mostly to prevent criminals and perilous individuals from escaping punishment for their misdoings or simply to limit their access to other countries just to run from legal sentence. Another reason for background evaluation is to restrict illegal immigrants from getting a passport on which behalf they can further claim fake citizenship or sell on black market. Check below for the different types of background checks to expect!

  1. Legal status

While applying, you’re required to furnish evidence of citizenship like a certificate of birth, residency or consular registration of birth. Passport officials carefully scrutinise the documents for authenticity thus verifying your identity and to determine if you’re actually a legal citizen of your home country as stated.

Executives also run the name of minors who’re under 18 through their online system to check if the child bears a file or approval from a parent/guardian for application. This is only to avoid children who’re involved in some custody disputes from being abducted or subjected to abuse.

  1. Financial & debt background

Bureaucrats at office also evaluate if you’ve any outstanding child support payments. Lest you owe more than $2,500, the government will reject the application immediately until you compensate the remaining balance. Your tax returns for unpaid taxes will also be scanned and if you owe the IRS money, expect denial of application until the matter is resolved. You may also refer to the book “The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship & Second Passports” by author Robert Bauman.

  1. Criminal background

Criminal background check is a must to determine if applicant is involved in any illegal activities or bearing drug charges so on. Though passport officials mightn’t deny a passport for a general felony conviction, rejection is likely to occur if the misdeed is conducted once you crossed the international border thus preventing you from re-entering the country again (a type of deport sentence). This prevents drug traffickers from smuggling illegal drugs and other such activities.

If someone is sound guilty of certain drug offense, you might be ineligible for a passport however, first time conviction may be excluded from this penalty but that’s not possible in every situation. The associated laws are complex and understanding them completely is a must, much dependency is on individual circumstances. Seek consultancy of an attorney before you apply for a passport and this is crucial if you’re convicted previously for drug trafficking.

  1. Current analysis

Passport administrators also check if applicant has any pending warrants issued for apprehension or if the state/federal court filed orders against the claimant. This evaluation is to prevent criminals from leaving the country to save their skin. Bail or trial condition that prohibits candidate from leaving the country is also checked as well as deportation order to another state filed against the applicant.


After going through the details highlighted above, you can apply for Cyprus passport and citizenship by investment program or anywhere around the country as long as there isn’t any dispute between the two countries.