Being believed to provide efficient solutions to structural deformities of the skin and muscles due to aging, obesity and accidental injuries like fire burns and stitch marks, today plastic surgery is widely used as the beautifying and reconstructive method. When the treatment is given to a person who is seeking for a few adjustments in existing features to improve his/her appearance, it is called cosmetic procedure. However, it is renamed as reconstructive technique, if the patient is undergoing this procedure to treat the medical condition. Initially, these treatments were extremely expensive. Later, technological advancements have made it possible to reduce the cost of this treatment. Now a day’s a wide range of beauty treatments like a facelift, liposuction, eye lift, rhinoplasty, butt and breast enhancements are available to treat esthetic defects.

Below I am sharing few simple tips you should consider while searching for a trusted practitioner for plastic surgery in Dubai.

Start searching online; there is no better resource other than the internet whenever you need to find detailed information about anything. Browse through directories to find out the local professionals serving in the city. Check out their websites and review customer feedback to estimate the service quality. Another benefit of visiting a professional practitioner website is that you may get detailed and authentic information about different surgical treatments. When you already know the pros and cons of any technique you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Visit several hospitals and clinics; once you have noted down the names, websites and clinic addresses, next is to plan visits to several clinics. Don’t make a final decision unless you feel satisfied after asking questions about their accreditation, years of experience in the industry and a total number of successful and unsuccessful cases they have tackled so far.

Only work with a board certified doctor, as there are number non-certified doctors practicing surgical procedures to earn money. Even general surgeons should not be your choice for breast implant or liposuction. Clearly ask your doctor about his association with the board of plastic surgeons. A certified doctor will never hesitate to show his credentials for its customer satisfaction. Also, ask them about the technique they normally use and a probability of risks and success to guess their expertise. Don’t forget to ask him whether he is associated with any hospital or not. A certified doctor is always associated with a good hospital, besides running his own clinic.

Thoroughly check the records, this is necessary to identify the incident of malpractices. Even a certified doctor gets involved in misconducts. Blind trust can be lethal. Double check his service records and asks all necessary questions before appointing any medical professional for any kind of cosmetic surgery. As a wrong decision will badly affect the rest of your life.


People opt for plastic surgery to improve the quality of their social life after rectifying any defects in features. This makes it necessary to pick the highly skilled and reliable surgeon.