How to clean & take good care of a rug?

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Rugs tie a room together but they’re expensive and delicate that requires timely maintenance for quality assurance. Regular vacuuming, removal of insects, dust and gravel, treating stains and spills the moment they occur are a few essential components of rug care. Hand-knotted or wool-based rugs are far more valuable and needs extra care. We’ve gathered some handy tips on cleaning and care of a rug so do read the information given below.

Daily vacuuming

A common area rug is the dirtiest of all! Not only it requires regular cleaning but flip it upside down at-least once a month and vacuum. Attach the vacuum nozzle with a rotating brush/beater bar that helps to extract dust particles trapped deep down in the mat. Hold it up with a hand or suspend at a place where you can easily clean. Treat both sides before you slip it back on the floor! Fringe and tassels aren’t to be pulled by a vacuum because they’re delicate and can easily tangle in the suction mechanism. It would eventually choke and damage the machinery so you should fluff them with hands.

Rotate for evenness

Wear and tear, foot patterns and other such is common onto a rug. Rotate regularly to even out the lines and keep it from accumulating permanent lines. If you’re resting a furniture, care to move it and change settings after a few days to avoid impressions and fading on the mat.

Moving & storage

If you’re moving to a new place or simply wish to store the rug for next season, roll them to prevent creases and fold. It’s far easier to move, break down and store with not in use. Despite the fact that you vacuum daily, rugs do require steam or dry cleaning after a certain time and the best way to transport these is to roll and bind them gently from the centre to prevent unfolding all of a sudden.

Restore colour & shine

To preserve carpet colour and shine, treat it with dilute white vinegar. Blot the material slowly and partially with a sponge, don’t soak the carpet entirely or it’ll ruin the quality. Allow it to air dry under a ceiling fan; avoid exposure to sunlight or original shade would pale after sometime.

Prevent insect infestation

Steam cleaning and shampooing are best tactics to prevent insect invasion. Also, sprinkle borax that works as a degrading agent on insect exoskeletons while destroys their larvae and eggs. Once you powder the rug, let it sit for approximately 20 minutes or leave it overnight if you haven’t got any pets nearby. Run a vacuum thoroughly to remove all traces of borax which is mildly toxic.

Stain removal

Clean the rugs the moment they collect any spots or stains. Before dampening the material entirely, drop some water to ensure colour don’t spread all over. Never allow the rug to dry on the floor or it may cause permanent water damage. Prevent treating wool rugs with carpet shampoo as they’re specifically made for synthetic wall carpet, not woolen mats. It’s advised to carefully read the label on cleaning solutions before application.

Scrape solid stains & debris

If stain on the rug solidifies, try scraping it carefully or else you may damage the fabric itself. Once the debris pulls off completely, blot the spot with a damp towel without rubbing it in circles. Repeat the process till the mark is completely removed. If it still persists, take it to a professional cleaner without any further experiment.

Maintenance of rugs is an essential part of تنظيف البيت (House cleaning) so make sure you do it the right way.