How to get your toilet clean & fresh like new

After cleaning the shower, it’s finally time to clean up the toilet and that’s something you’ve been neglecting from quite a while. Before you treat it with chemicals and various other cleaners, flush using clean water and much better if it’s warm! We usually search for different ways when it comes to clean a really messy toilet but not all the tricks give 100 percent perfect result. Let’s find out how you can have a clean and fresh toilet like new, follow the steps below!

  1. If you’re using chemical cleaners, might as well let them sit for a few minutes or an hour for extremely dirty toilet. This would soften the crud making it easy for you to wipe using a brush or a scrubber. Pumice stones do work but they can damage the ceramic finish in which mineral deposits would sit for good!
  2. Take a rag and spray with a disinfectant. Start wiping the toilet bowl from top to bottom and around the frame. Work your way everywhere, in and around the bowl including the base as well for best results. There’s probably gunk around the hinges which you can wipe off with an old toothbrush. Spray a disinfectant, scrub with a toothbrush and finish with warm water.
  3. When you let the cleaning solution sit, it must’ve released some stains and spots. Again, take up the toilet brush and rub gently wherever the remains. Even hard water tends to leave yellowish stains and mineral sediments around the seat and on the floor that you can remove with a pumice stone, however gently.
  4. Go for more natural cleaners such as white vinegar but more eco-friendly products are widely available in stores. Chlorine bleach is an excellent disinfectant but it won’t work on dust and mineral settlement. Make sure bleach and acidic/abrasive cleaners aren’t mixed in similar category.
  5. After applying the acidic solution, take a scrub brush to spread the agent evenly all around the bowl without scrubbing though. Try not the dip the brush in water and if you already did, squirt some more acidic solution and repeat the process. Close the lid of the toilet seat and wait for approximately 30 minutes. You can clean rest of the bathroom or finish any other task till then!
  6. Now fill a bucket with hot water, open the lid and wash thoroughly. Repeat the washing process at-least three times to make sure there isn’t any acid left in and around.

Deep cleaning

There’re times when toilet cleaning isn’t that simple and that usually happens when you treat it after weeks or a month; that’s totally gross! Check out some steps to give your toilet a deep cleaning treatment!

  1. Make a sudsy solution of washing powder, lemon juice and warm water.
  2. Spread it all over the toilet rim and under the hinges of the seat where all the dirt and hairs just loves to settle.
  3. Scrub rigorously but that doesn’t mean you scratch the entire surface and ceramic finish of the bowl.
  4. Also, take bleach or any other cleaning solution. Spread across the floor, in and around the toilet bowl and leave for an hour.
  5. Revisit the toilet and scrub again with a toothbrush or the same scrubber. Finally, flush the toilet with water and wash everything else using plain, hot water.
  6. In the end, empty the hot water bucket in the toilet bowl that would ensure perfectness.

Follow the above steps when cleaning a dirty to extremely messy toilet. Share the information as well to benefit others.