Key benefits of availing Second citizenship

second passport

Obtaining dual nationality has become a major practice not only among investors and professionals, but also gained popularity among second home seekers and individual seeking to retire abroad. Anyone is eligible to apply to avail the citizenship (برنامج المواطنة) of a foreign country as long as he fulfilled the eligibility criteria for that country. Irrespective of the reason behind applying to avail residency of a second territory, individuals will enjoy certain benefits. All they need to do is to find out what countries are offering permanent residency to expats, what are their policies and requirements that they expect from the candidates that are applying.

Below I am sharing few major benefits of availing dual nationality in an overseas country across the world.

It offers dual opportunities

Having been the inhabitant of two separate territories, you will enjoya number of dual opportunities ranges from voting rights, work permits, visa free entry, state welfare and eligibility to pursue education. You will not only become eligible to get a job, but also entitled to set up your own business. You will be treated as local whether it’s about availing health facilities or it is pursuing education. In a nutshell, it gives you an extra privacy and freedom to travel anytime. In case of political conflicts, terrorism and civil war you can relocate to that country, as you are a legislative residents.

You will be privileged to carry two passports

As you are possessing nationalities of two geographically separated territories, you will carry two unique passports and identity cards, you will get a visa free entry to several other countries, for which the local residents of that country are eligible. For example an Emirati possessing European nationality is entitled for visa free entry to all 28 European countries in the EU group. You don’t have to ask for long stay visas. You can visit any country throughout the year.

You can act like an ambassador

In addition to personal benefits, you can act like a brand ambassador for your home country. You can educate residents of the other country about the social and cultural norms. Governments usually promote their native residents to obtain citizenship of second country and simultaneously offer second citizenship to foreign nationals not only to exchange cultures, but to also spread positive words about them

You will become eligible to purchase property

As you have purchased the residency of a foreign country, you will be able to purchase residential or commercial real estate assets across the country. Besides this, you are also entitled to avail same mortgages like native residents. Financial institutions will not treat you like an overseas borrower. Dual residency owners are not only qualified to purchase property for personal use, they can also purchase assets for investment purposes.

You will enjoy sense of ownership

However, one country is your homeland and another is a second home for you, possessing the country passport will give you the sense of ownership. You don’t have to worry about obtaining visa to visit. You will feel motivated to serve both the countries, as you possess the dual residency.

These are the key benefits that are alluring investors, professionals and second home seekers to avail the second citizenship of any suitable country. Don’t delay if you are seeking to enjoy any of these benefits.