ما هي انفصال الشبكية ؟

يمثل انفصال الشبكية حالة طارئة، وهي مشكلة خطيرة قد تهدد قدرة المريض على الرؤية إذا لم يتم علاجها فورًا. قد يحدث انفصال الشبكية نتيجة تقدم السن وضعف وترقق الشبكية مع مرور الزمن، أو قد يحدث نتيجة إصابة في العين. ومن حسن الحظ أن حالات الإصابة بانفصال الشبكية تعتبر نادرة. ما هي الشبكية؟ تماثل وظيفة الشبكية […]

Real Estate

Etiquettes to Attend an Open House to Buy a Residential Property

Searching a suitable housing unit can be a daunting task even if you already have purchased a unit. You can either hire a professional to help you in finding a suitable residential property or you can start searching on your own. However, local real estate listings are offering a handful collection of lodging units available […]


Checklist to select the best car tinting service provider

Tinting car windows have become a popular choice of drivers across the world. However, it is not legally allowed in certain states due to security concerns. As its name suggest, this is something related to adding colour in car windows. Initially being performed to add elegance and privacy, nowadays it is mainly performed to protect […]


Six best places to land in Europe on a tight budget!

If you’re a bit short of cash, there’s no need to fret or kill the travel bug; choose your destinations wisely. Indeed, Europe is pricey but there’re lots of places where fun and frolic won’t cease, even with scarce budget. There’s one for all so pick your favourite European destination from the given list and […]


Fascinating history & facts about wristwatch

What’s on your wristwatch is a result of intense research and development that might’ve taken thousands of years to complete. The Egyptians and Sumer are the first to design, develop and use watches. It triggered the process to such an extent that production and development kicked off from almost every country with dexterity of skilled […]


Four Tips to find a reliable plastic surgeon

Being believed to provide efficient solutions to structural deformities of the skin and muscles due to aging, obesity and accidental injuries like fire burns and stitch marks, today plastic surgery is widely used as the beautifying and reconstructive method. When the treatment is given to a person who is seeking for a few adjustments in […]


Things to consider while setting up business in Dubai

Idyllically located on the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Far East Asia, Dubai is the second largest State of UAE that has enlisted itself among the most desirable places to set up a business. After securing 23rd position among the Easiest places to start up a business, the territory has become equally alluring for both […]


Getting around St. Kitts & Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis are a pair of famous tropical islands in in the Caribbean and among the top tourist destinations. The distance between the duo islands is approximately one-third of that from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago. Both portray a marvellous collection of beaches with exquisite mountains and lots of activities to boost […]


All you need to know about citizenship by investment for Antigua & Barbuda

With 365 beaches to explore all over the year, the tropical islands of Antigua and Barbuda are entirely welcoming and one of the most beautiful places in the world. The country is an independent commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean whereas key driver of Gross Domestic Product is the tourism. It generates approximately 60 percent […]

Home Improvement

Step by Step Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen may seem like a challenging job. However, if you know the step by step manner and have some good music to keep you company, you will be done quicker than you actually thought. Remember, once you break the big daunting task into smaller manageable sections, your work will not only become a […]