Four common types of background assessment for a passport

If it’s the first time you’re applying for a passport (كيفية الحصول على جواز سفر), get ready for a thorough background check conducted by officials. The set of assessment is mostly to prevent criminals and perilous individuals from escaping punishment for their misdoings or simply to limit their access to other countries just to run […]


Key benefits of availing Second citizenship

Obtaining dual nationality has become a major practice not only among investors and professionals, but also gained popularity among second home seekers and individual seeking to retire abroad. Anyone is eligible to apply to avail the citizenship (برنامج المواطنة) of a foreign country as long as he fulfilled the eligibility criteria for that country. Irrespective […]


What are addition polymers of Polyethylene?

Organic Polymers are like a necklace made from several beads. They are made up of same repeating units called monomers. Every monomer possesses its own unique structural configuration. In order to convert these monomers into complex polymeric form, it is necessary to identify the unsaturated bonds in the molecule that can be broken to start […]


All you need to know about Hungarian citizenship & its benefits

On May 1, 2004; Hungary joined the European Union that bestowed its citizens the right to study, work, travel and live in any of the 28 member countries without strict laws or additional paperwork, permit. People who’re descendants of Hungarian migrants are considered as rightful heir to the citizenship irrespective of their birth place or […]


Five most attractive destinations in Spain

From splendid beaches to delicious cuisines, lively fiestas and pulsating nightlife; all make Spain the best of Europe’s getaway. As the country covers a bunch of sovereign islands and regions, it boasts the most diverse cultures and landscapes. A brief overview of most attractive places to visit in Spain can be found below so do […]

Home Improvement

How to get your toilet clean & fresh like new

After cleaning the shower, it’s finally time to clean up the toilet and that’s something you’ve been neglecting from quite a while. Before you treat it with chemicals and various other cleaners, flush using clean water and much better if it’s warm! We usually search for different ways when it comes to clean a really […]


The best three men’s sunglasses to try before New Year hits

With New Year come newer trends in fashion so you still have a few days to try out sunglasses that remained on top during 2015. Ever since their development in the 1900’s, sunglasses have been one of the most common fashion accessories. They shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and are a perfect addition […]

Real Estate

Marketing strategies adapted by modern property managers

  There’s no denying the fact that our society has officially adapted to digital technology. Today, survival of businesses is unthinkable without leveraging the internet and that’s certainly true for real estate management professionals. So how can you utilise internet in the best possible way and take your property business to new heights of success? […]

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How to clean & take good care of a rug?

Rugs tie a room together but they’re expensive and delicate that requires timely maintenance for quality assurance. Regular vacuuming, removal of insects, dust and gravel, treating stains and spills the moment they occur are a few essential components of rug care. Hand-knotted or wool-based rugs are far more valuable and needs extra care. We’ve gathered […]


Why Dubai is the perfect travel destination?

Boosted up from a small fishing and pearl diving village, Dubai has transformed itself among few highly recognizable cities. The true melting pot of culture shows an unusual mix of expats and locals. A huge number of expats have permanently relocated to settle down here. Besides, migrant workers, the territory is also considered to be […]