If you’re a bit short of cash, there’s no need to fret or kill the travel bug; choose your destinations wisely. Indeed, Europe is pricey but there’re lots of places where fun and frolic won’t cease, even with scarce budget. There’s one for all so pick your favourite European destination from the given list and get ready to fly!

  1. Leon, Spain: For the love of food

Delicious tapas are served with every free drink near Leon’s cathedral. Now this isn’t anything out of the ordinary in Spain but they do it so well and reasonably in Leon as any other place in Europe. For just 1.50 euros, you can enjoy an excellent glass of Rioja and a generous portion of-course. If you had spicy Castilian garlic soup, stewed ham or beef served with crusty bread and a sausage, it’s enough to cover the entire dinner.

  1. Albania: For beach goers

Perhaps the most gorgeous yet often ignored; the Albanian Riviera stretches to the Mediterranean coastline. The panoramic and unspoiled beaches are flanked by majestic mountains would rival the costly neighbours; Croatia and Greece anytime!

  1. Berlin: For cultural zing

One of the most dynamic and exciting destination if you’ve a thing for culture; the German capital Berlin is cool, a little bit frenzy and all creative. It’s known best for multicultural environmental, edgy galleries, music, independent museums, theatre and love of art that all makes up the culture. The historic attractions for instance the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island and Jewish Museum are a must visit.

  1. Tenerife, Canary Islands: For warm & cosy Sun

When Europe wears the chilly blanket of winter season, this is the perfect time moving to Canary Islands where mild temperature and Sun shines all-year round! Luckily, lots of budgeted airlines with plenty of all-inclusive deals are the best dose of sun you can get. All told, Tenerife is the best choice away from the dense populated southern coast boasting a remarkable volcanic landscape to explore.

  1. Czech Republic: For a romantic getaway

This central European country is irresistible with a flock of classic fairy-tale castles, elegant restaurants, medieval spa towns, vast rivers and boutique hotels to cruise along. While the rest of the world celebrate Labour Day on May 1st, here in Czech Republic is love day when cheery couples hike up the Petrin Hill and lay flowers over the sculpture of passionate Czech poet; Karel Hyneck Macha!

  1. Tatra Mountains, Slovakia: For a close experience with wildlife

The best place to see brown bears are the High Tatras; the highest region of the Carpathian mountain range covering pretty much of the central Europe. It’s also a site to spot wild boars, lynxes, wolves or golden eagles soaring above the pines with a peaceful landscape of meadows, glacial lakes, alpine forests and granite peaks.


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